Unique automation for your home

Unique Automation bath management systems install effortlessly in almost any bathroom and add ease, enjoyment and safety to today’s busy lifestyles. Their sleek, unobtrusive appearance hides an almost endless choice of options which can be tailored to you and your family’s personal requirements. And because control is now the ultimate luxury, Unique Automation gives you that completely. Whether bathomatic is filling an evening bath for your children, or iShower is easing your muscles after a morning run, you are always in command.

Peace of mind

Water is a wonderful element, it soothes, heals, refreshes and restores. Making it safe and more enjoyable is our priority at Unique Automation. With all our products you control temperatures precisely, create exact fill depth, change water intensity and style, incorporate bubbles, fragrance or steam. The response to your commands is instant and accurate. Leaving you to simply relax and enjoy water’s natural benefits with complete peace of mind.

Advanced simplicity

Unique Automation enhance some of life’s simplest pleasures. So it would be counter-productive if your relationship with our designs was complicated. Each of our products uses the most advanced and responsive technology. But from your viewpoint it feels familiar because it’s aligned with software and hardware you already use, every day. So commanding iShower to wake you up or steamomatic to soothe away the day is as comfortable and easy as phoning home, downloading an app or organising your playlist.

Refreshingly responsible

Bringing effortless luxury and ease into your life without impacting adversely on the environment is a delicate balance. Unique Automation are approved by the Carbon Trust and all our products are eco-friendly with particular focus on waste-reduction and recycling of grey-water. And even features designed to add exceptional indulgence to your life are also inherently energy-efficient. So with Unique Automation every carefree moment of your own personal pleasure is perfect and perfectly responsible.