Unique automation for successful business

Unique Automation’s safe, energy efficient and cost-effective bath management systems give today’s hotels and new-build homes an essential competitive edge.

Guests want to feel pampered and expect everything to be luxurious, instant and effortless.

Luxury makes sense

The worlds’ best hotels understand the importance of beautiful bathroom design. Guests want to feel pampered and expect everything to be luxurious, instant and effortless. But this is not their home and if they leave a bath running for hours, accidentally let it overflow or forget to turn off the shower they seldom face the consequences. In one year, an average hotel wastes over £18,000 in energy due to overfilled baths alone. Flooding and water damage is another major expense. The simple solution is to design beautiful bathrooms that you control. Unique Automation products are sleek, smart, efficient and pre-programmable. They pay attention to the details your guests tend to forget. And you pay less and less in time, energy and waste.

Profit by design

Bathrooms are now one of the major selling features in today’s new homes. Property buyers are no longer focusing on the kitchen, they are paying attention to en-suites, exceptional family bathrooms, separate shower rooms and even home-spas. Life is more demanding, space to relax and indulge is increasingly precious and clever companies are already seeing thoughtful bathroom design increase sale figures. Unique Automation products are a smart combination of luxury and practicality. Eco-friendly and energy efficient they fit perfectly with today’s conscientious construction. And their technology is designed to interact seamlessly with the most advanced home automation systems. Exceptional bathroom design is the future of property sales and Unique Automation is the competitive edge.